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Ok since it’s August and back to school, I will be passing along this blogger award given to me by My Friend Here,

Blog Awards

http://whatsbuggingmetoday.wordpress.com/blogging-buddies/ Classyrose #1

http://prettyhummingbird.wordpress.com/ This is Mia and her blog is addicting!  Her title says it all. :)

What to do:

1. Tag the person who nominated you.

2. Give 7 facts about yourself and answer the Favorites Questions

3. Pass these awards to 5 Bloggers.

4. Notify the bloggers of their awards

The awards:

1. .::.Whispered Thoughts.::.

2.  1st Books: Stories of How W…

3. 1stoptutorials.com

4. 3 Kids and Us

5. 30 Nights Insomniac


Here are 7 Facts About Jackie Paulson

1.  Since it is storming here I HATE STORMS, HIGH WINDS, and TORNDADO’s

2.  I have two cats DEE and WILEY


4.  I LOVE TO COMMENT on Other Blogs

5.  I am looking for more work for my site http://thewritershelp.wordpress.com/

6.  I love TRUE BLOOD series

7.  I am obsessed with the Weather Channell