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Tell Me About You Thursday

Hello everyone, it’s Tell Me About You Thursday here at Tracy’s Treasure and

we have Kristen from Strawberry Book Reviews. Please make

her feel welcome and go on over to visit when you get the chance!

Here are some questions that I had for Kristen to get to know her a little better:

Favorite genre of books?

Young Adult Contemporary Fiction is my favorite but I read Adult Fiction as well. I should at least act my age occasionally

What made you want to blog?

I started blogging for several reasons.

1. I like to share my opinion’s on books with other people

2. It requires me to read more.

3. I needed a new hobby that didn’t involve programming.

4. ARCs are a nice perk

5. All the cool kids were doing it and I’m very susceptible to peer pressure.

Who is your favorite author?

J.K. Rowling

Did you always like to read, even as a child?

Not always. From about Kindergarten until about 5th or 6th grade I read CONSTANTLY. Like that was probably my only hobby. After that I like completely stopped reading. I barely read my school books (such a rebel, I know). The only books I read were the Harry Potter books when they were released. I think starting maybe 2 years ago (when I was 18) I started to ease back into reading. For Christmas ’10 I asked my parents to get me a kindle because I was the only one in the family without one (again, susceptible to peer pressure) but that was probably one of the best decisions ever because now I read CONSTANTLY.

If so, what did you enjoy then?

I enjoyed Guitar Hero and video games and TV. Well I still love all of those things but I don’t spend nearly as much time doing it.

Do you come from a family of readers?

Sort of. My mom and my sister read a lot but my dad doesn’t.

What is your favorite book or series of books?

Harry Potter. I think my obsession is borderline unhealthy.

What is your favorite part of blogging?

My favorite part is getting to read a lot of books. Because I blog, it forces me to put reading into my schedule which is great.

Do you have any favorite tips on blogging or writing?

Meme’s: Fun but nobody wants to see a blog full of them. I think 2-4 is fine but more than that is kind of ridiculous.

How do you find the time to do it all, family, work, friends, blog???

For me, it’s all about time management. I’m in college so I don’t actually have to do much other study and have a social life. Also the best part about the internet is that I can study, have a social life, and blog at the same time!!!

Best site for networking and promoting your blog?

Book Blogs is definitely a good one. If you do a couple of memes, that’s also a good thing for networking.

Favorite pastime other than blogging?

Programming. Java is my language of choice,

but you probably aren’t that interested in my programming language of choice.

Portal 2. If you have never played Portal or Portal 2, you haven’t lived.

Math. Yes, I consider math a hobby.

Some of your favorite blogs that you follow?

The Story Siren and Confessions of a Book Addict are my two favorites.

10 Interesting facts about Kristen:

1. While I love to read, I don’t plan to do anything involving the humanities in my future. I am a software engineering major.

2. I make a mean grilled cheese and pepperoni.

3. I can’t cook anything other than grilled cheese and pepperoni.

4. I still have my pokemon cards.They are in a special binder in my room.

5. I started collecting movie ticket stubs my freshman year of high school (2005) and it is still going strong.

6. The Outer Banks in North Carolina is my favorite place in the world.

7. I love Star Trek. Next Gen is my favorite.

8. I’m pretty damn good at calculus.

9. I am a big fan of coloring books

10. I may be 20 but I still watch disney channel and nickelodeon.

Thank you, Kristen, for joining us today!

Have a Totally Terrific Thursday!!!!

I, Jackie will post later but wanted you all to join int his fun!