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Title of Book:  Dead Dogs and Englishmen

Author:  Elizabeth Kan Buzzelli is a creative writing instructor at Northwestern Michigan College.  She is the author of Dead Dancing Women, Dead Floating Lovers, and Dead Sleeping Shaman.

ISBN Number:  978-0-7387-1878-1

Publisher:  Midnight Ink

Genre/Market:  Mystery

Publication Date: 2011

Book Length: 246 Pages

Price:  $14.95


5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: Murder Mystery and A Dinner Party

Main Characters: Emily Kincaid a mid 30’s journalist whom left Ann Arbor Michigan newspaper to write her novel in a quiet country area.

Jackson Rinaldi: Emily’s ex husband a 41 year old English Professor at the University of Michigan.

Sorrow: Emily’s dog

Dolly Wakowski: The town Deputy

Cecil Hawke: A writer.

Madeleine Clark: Wants to publish Emily’s new novel.

EATS: Eats is the town restaurant in Leestsville with owner Eugenia Fuller and Gloria the waitress and  where all gossip is the center of attention.

Emily and Dolly build a friendship because Dolly wants Emily to publish Dotty’s Police stories in the local paper.

The story starts out with Dolly going to Emily’s house to talk to her about a dead woman that has been found along with a dead dog behind an abandoned Old Farm house.  Emily has a keen sense of what animals do.  They first find a dead woman in the old abandoned farm house tied at her angles and hands.  She wore a cross and appeared to be a “Mexican” colored skin type.  When they arrive there are circling buzzards and that is when the pit bull is found shot in the back of the head behind the farm house.  They then proceed to talk to all of the town’s people to try to find out who the ID of the women could be.

On page 83, “what it sounded like to me was a dispute between workers coming in from Mexico, maybe some kind of turf war.”

In the midst of this ongoing investigation Jackson, Emily’s ex asks her to edit a manuscript by Cecil Hawke.  Emily needs the money and Jackson sets up an interview and Emily takes on this job.  Before they leave the meeting, sign a contract and take a 1,500 deposit, Emily and Jack are invited to a costume party at Cecil’s house the next weekend.  They both agree to go and dress in costumes.  When the date arrives they attend and find out there is a Séance for all of the guests to participate in.  As they all hold hands and ask the “spirit guides” questions, a sudden gunshot is heard and Dolly is there to investigate.  The wife of Cecil (Lila) is found dead.  Another investigation is being performed.

In the end you will be surprised who the real killer is!

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