Do your own PALM READING!!!

Jackie got ► Result #1

Your reading shows ambition, leadership, religion and love for nature. There’s strong sexual desire in your love life. You think simply and directly. You have high vitality and lots of energy. You tend to have a strong business sense as well as the strength to work hard to make money. Your early life has been well planned, your later life less so.

What Is Your Archetype?

Jackie got ► The Peacemaker

Earth – Late Summer – Dampness – Yellow – Spleen/Stomach Like the earth of the Bering Straits, you bring people together. Whether you are hosting a party or settling a conflict, your gift is putting people at ease. You recognize others needs and find ways to help out. You are involved, loyal and predictable. You feel most secure in a community. Like the earth, you can absorb too much and need to take time out to care for yourself. At times, you doubt your abilities and effectiveness. You must find a balance between community and self-indulgence. Your tendency is toward lethargy, indigestion, over-eating, water retention and muscle tenderness.

What Guardian Animal Shares Your Heart?

Jackie got ► Hawk

The hawk soars high above the mundane world yet sees all below; what to pursue, what to avoid or a safe haven to rest and nest. Your physical vision notwithstanding, your mind’s eye is sharp and your perception keen. Little remains hidden from you and you can see either truth or deception as if through crystal clear mountain air. Free to fly at will at any time, you nevertheless tend your nest with love and take great care to make it a good home. Whether on a lofty perch or gliding on air, in the heart of the hawk dwells insight born of vision, as it does in your own

What color heart do you have?

Jackie got ► Pink

You are a calm person. You have a huge heart & a warm, honest, caring soul. Pink hearts provide feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance. You get along with just about everyone. You can look past the negative & focus on the positive. You can find something good in everyone. Pink hearts prefer relaxation, harmony, beauty & peace. On the negative side without having a hateful bone in your body you can sometimes be taken advantage of, talked into something you really don’t want to do or get involved with the wrong type of people.