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Hello, how many of you text while driving; you know you are at a light so you quickly message your family member because you know you can do it quickly?

Welcome to my blog post on talking and driving: how many of you talk on your cell phone while you are driving? You know your daycare center calls to tell you to come pick up your family member as they are sick and needs to be picked up right away: what do you do?  You answer right away so that you can communicate what the next step is for your day.

Tough questions are asked and many of us a guilty as charged.  I, personally, Jackie Paulson, hates to talk on the phone and or does not text.  Not that I am special, I just don’t do it.  Yes, me, Jackie Paulson, I don’t do it.  Hooray for me!

Do you think that it is time to rid of cell phones while driving?  Why?  Why not?

Did you know that the National Safety council tells us that 28% of traffic accidents happen when people talk on cellphones or send a text while driving?

That was said in 2010; I wonder what todays stats would be?!!

The National Safety Council also says that those using a cellphone while driving react 18% SLOWER to brake Lights.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t.  You must know that the stats are up from 2010 since it is 2011 (APRIL).

In our State of Illinois, the Tollway Illinois Department of Transportation and State Police and others launced a statewide campaignn in 2011 to bring awarness of the dangers of texting and cell phone related accidents on stat highways.

In Illinois, it is ILLEGAL to drive and text.  Did you know?  I Did not.

It is also against state law to talk on cellphones in schools and in construction zones.  *My favorite saying in IL is we have two seasons: winter and Construction*

So in the town where I live near Waukegan Il, we will get a ticket or a violaction of $50.00 if caught on the phone or texting a message.  If an accident occurs the fine is $250.00.

I believe it is time to enforce such laws world wide, town wide!  Do you agree or disagree?

Why are people unable to text and drive at the same time?

  • You can’t text without looking at the phone and taking your eyes off the road
  • You are reading incoming text messages . . . again, not looking at the road
  • It requires a hand, which means less control of the vehicle


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