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Check Your Batteries Ritually


It is so important to check your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are a must.  There are so many others to check as well.

  1. Garage door opener because it might have a remote control for your convience.
  2. Flashlights are important for emergency times of natural calamities: tornados or earth quakes, power outages etc.
  3. Home Security Alarm system unless you know it has a back p in the case of a power outage.
  4. Baby Monitor so that it operates at all times.  Mothers know!
  5. Portable radio so that if the power goes out you have a portable radio for weather alerts and such.
  6. Cordless Phones and cell phone never get caught without a working phone.
  7. Fire detectors as we need to do this before the “beep” starts that the battery is low.

Today is just a reminder day.