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Welcome to April 10, 2011 SUNDAY

Just sharing a few thoughts.  I love to watch the TV Show: HOUSE.  I am not exactly sure why other than I love the process of elimination between the head doctor House and all of his Interns or Doctors.  He pulls out a huge Dry Erase Board and they all come up with what the “illness” or “disease” could be.  They also do the process elimination as they do several tests to rule out one or another until the final answer, which usually cures the patient in the hospital.

Does anyone know where this show is filmed because it sure looks like a real hospital somewhere.

And to share, my sister is a TV PRODUCER, she just filmed a show which I will tell you later.  She filmed and produced “Diet Tribe” which was over a year ago.

She got all the “brains.”

I also love Grey’s Anatomy and I believe it is because of the patients and the cures.  It just fascinates me til no end – they can show a live photo like of what they can tell us what the Illness might be.  Say it is a Brain Anchoritism, they show a picture of what it could look like.  Wow, so cool.

I am also obsessed with the Weather channel as I am intrigued by all the pictures and the way Greg Forbes tells his predictions of bad weather.

OK and LIFE TIME shows, do you LOVE THEM as I DO?

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