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Scott Berkun

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What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

Topic #93:

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

Submitted by Marie at the Life Such as it is Blog. Thanks Marie!

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This is such a hard question to answer but If I could do anything with money not being a factor or education etc…

I would want to be an attorney.  I believe this profession needs to change.  It needs “heart” in the business instead of money hungry attorneys.  They have a expert knowledge in what they do or for what you need, but NO EMOTIONS.  They do not care about the CLIENT.  I have worked for attorney’s and this has got to stop.  The attorney’s treat their staff like crap.  I am a paralegal and they need to treat legal assistance like GOLD, because without them the attorney takes even longer to do their daily tasks.

Life is too short not to be happy every day.  If I cold not be an attorney I am very gifted at organizing and cleaning anyone’s space whether it is home or businesses.  It is my (forte’)!

I am also very gifted spiritually and can help others with spiritual insights to things they might want to know.  If the spirit doesn’t give me guidance, I say so.  That means WAIT.

I would teach others that it is okay to be ALONE.  I know sososo many people that need to be around others and their is another side of the fence and that is to enjoy life ALONE with hardly any human contact.