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The writer Arlynn Presser will know by the end of the year all that has 324 friends on Facebook.  Her blog at:http://arlynnpresser.wordpress.com/about/


ArLynn Leiber Presser


The American writer Arlynn Presser came in 2011 with one idea in mind: to find the end of the year all that has 324 friends on Facebook. The project, called Face to Facebook will not be easy. The New Year’s resolution to Arlynn includes running the world behind former classmates, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends ex-boyfriend, friends and children of people she has no idea who they are and not because they have become friends in social networks. Even celebrities and television news presenters are on the list.

Mark Zuckerberg promised me popularity and privacy. I’m not sure if I have either, but he also said I have friends, we all have friends and that would keep me in touch with my friends. Now I will take a step ahead and meet my friends, “she wrote in the post presentation of Face to Facebook .

In an interview by e-mail to the Earth , Arlynn said he decided to go ahead in this adventure to find “a purpose in life.” “I’m 50, my children are raised and out of the house and I thought it would be wonderful to travel. I wanted to write about friendship and what it means to us. The easiest way to do this, I believed, was discovered who my friends are on Facebook, “he said. The first friend whom she met was one of the children, Eastman Leiber Presser, who is studying music in Ohio. Arlynn states that the two sons think she’s “a little crazy” because of the project. “But I’m not sure if that thinking is different from what they had before,” he jokes.

The proportion who took the adventure writer in the early scare. She began the year with 324 Facebook friends.Now, more than 1400, and rising. ” “I am a very private person, so this experience has been a bit overwhelming. But I’m very happy, everybody is being very kind,” he said. She claims not to know how to incorporate new friends in the project, but think about if you find only with those I had when Face to Facebook began.

Arlynn is finding a friend and making daily trips across the United States. But the script includes countries like England, Italy, Turkey, Philippines, South Korea and even a trip to Brazil. What will hinder the plans of the writer are not distances, but their fears. She has agoraphobia, which is the fear of crowds, and too afraid to fly. “I’m having to learn to do some bold things,” he said. By the end of the month, all this will be put to the test with a trip to Mexico City. The U.S. also claims to feel a little insecure to find strange people, who spoke only on the Internet.”Most of the time with me I’ll have someone I trust,” he says.

No scheduled to come to the country, the U.S. begged for it to be expressed his “deep admiration for Brazil.” “I want to join the carnival, I want to know the Opera House and want to travel through the Amazon. I am very grateful for the friends I made in Brazil,” he said. The whole adventure is recounted in his blog (arlynnpresser.wordpress.com), which already has reports in text, pictures and videos of the encounter of America with 44 people.