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Who is your very favorite AUTHOR?

Ok, I love the Bible and Jesus but beyond that I love so many authors.

Iris Johansen Books

Until I uploaded this I didn’t realize my Family Law and Court Rules book was there.  LOL

I have had to memorize that book.  I have had my fair share of legal issues not caused by me.













I have had an ongoing battle with my ex husband on Child Support.  Their are two sides to each story but one day I hope to publish my book and show the world what I had to endure just to get child support.

Here is my life in a nutshell:

I was raised in an Catholic house

I went to Catholic Schools

I graduated from a Cathlic School in Nauvoo, IL (Boarding School in High School)

I hated school until I got to Jr. Year in High School, went from C’s to all A’s.

I grew up feeling left out, out of place, alone, scared, independent, worthless, seeking friends and attention which I never got!

Today I have been through:

Marriage 2-22-92

Divorced 1996

Child at age 27 on 2-14-94  Valentines Day (unplanned) C-section

Husband walked out on us when daughter was 1.5 years of age

Husband re married quickly, I did not

I worked three jobs, supported myself and my daughter

I played the mom, dad, decision maker, paid bills, cleaned, cooked, shopped, babysitting and child care life for child as I worked, no time to ME, alone, etc.

Single Mother

No friends, no time for friends



Bar maid


Single parenting

ADHD Child raising

Lived for daughter-today she is 17!  🙂

Got a Paralegal Degree- LOOKING FOR WORK

Cut Hair for 20 years-no challenge bored with it

That about sums up my life.

Any questions or comments?