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I have a new page and it will tell you all about the details of the A-Z Challenge.  It looks like many of the bloggers are on Blogger and not wordpress but I wanted to add this challenge to this wordpress.


A-Z Blogging Challenge

Last April Arlee Bird set up a magnificent blogfest. I was so excited to hear the was planning to enjoy the fun once again! This time a few extras are going to help out to make this the best blogging challenge around!

Talli Roland, Alex Cavanaugh, Arlee Bird, and Myself.

It’s simple. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. There are 26 days in April (if you take out Sundays). You would blog Monday – Saturday writing a blogpost with the appropriate letter for that day. April 1 – A, April 2 – B, etc., etc.

So you wanna join in the fun (you know you do)? Join the link and grab a badge because April is going to be the time of your life!!!

A-Z Blogging Challenge will take over the blog! As a blog fest participant in the past I know how easy it is to forget to sign up so I will be sure to give you all warning before the first post begins. So don’t hesitate to sign up now! You don’t want to miss this!!

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Today is April 4, 2011 (Monday)

A- Aspire to be a writer and author.

I am in the process of putting together a poems ebook.  I would like to publish it as well.  If anyone knows anything about the way to publishing I would love information on it.

This is what is in the dictionary on Aspire:


–verb (used without object), -pired, -pir·ing. 

to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous,especially for something
great or of high value (usuallyfollowed by to, after,  or an infinitive): to aspire afterliterary
immortality; to aspire to be a doctor.
Archaic . to rise up; soar; mount; tower.
1425–75; late Middle English (< Middle French aspirer ) < Latinaspīrāre  to breathe upon, pant after, equivalent to a- a-5 +spīrāre  to breathe, blow

—Related forms

as·pir·er, noun
as·pir·ing·ly, adverb
non·as·pir·ing, adjective
un·as·pir·ing, adjective
un·as·pir·ing·ly, adverb
1.  yearn.