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Downtown Chicago IL

I love summer

I grew a ROSE

Today I would like to share what I like and they are photo’s.  Can you believe it is almost APRIL 2011?  Didn’t it seem like Christmas just ended?!  We are four months into the NEW YEAR 2011.  Have you kept your Resolutions?  I know I didn’t.


Another interesting note, I have to move for the third year in a row in the month of MAY.  I guess that should make me an expert in the moving category!  I also did not get any help, two adults doing the moving…so this year I am getting help from my sisters kids.   I think High Schoolers would love Pizza and pop for a treat, don’t you?

~Here are some wonderful photo’s please enjoy them~

Magic and Willee ‘


Jackie Paulson


My garden flower

My cat Dee he sleeps on top of me: holds me hostage LOL

My sisters son took a photo at at camp fire: doesn't it look like a ghost

I am a Security Officer

Yep that's me a year ago my hair is long now

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