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Harley-Davidson 2004 Heritage

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1.  Most motorcycle accidents occur at the speed below 30mph, that means that motorcycle riders should: WEAR A HELMET TO CUT DOWN ON HEAD INJURIES.   Does your State enforce the “helmet law?”  Illinois does not.  I wish they would.

2.  A Face SHIELD is the safest type of eye protection to have.

3.  In order for you to travel the roadways the bike must have; breaks, turn signals and brake, head and tail lights, and two mirrors and a horn.  I believe all Harley Davidson and CHOPPERS need to be LOUD.  Why?  Well, then it’s easier to hear them if you are in another type of vehicle.

4.  To stop or slow your motorcycle down, you should use Both brakes.

5.  How to be more visible; wear reflective clothing, use headlights, allow space between you and other vehicles.

6.  The reason to have plenty of space between you and the next car is to provide room to maneuver away from a hazard and to give you time to react to a potential problem.

7.  The best land position to take is the lane appropriate to the situation and conditions.

8.  Curb parking should be at a 90 Degree angle.

9.  The Intersection is the most hazardous place for an accident.

10.  Do not drink and ride!!

11.  When riding in a group of motorcyclists, it is best to; keep the group small like five riders, maintain a staggered formation and let he beginners go first.