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Random Ramblings by Jackie Paulson

It appears to be said that “history tends to repeat itself.”  Historians that have already been here and gone have left behind valuable lessons in life we all can learn from.  It is important to know that in order to be admired that “standing out from the crowd” is what makes the difference between being valuable, remembered and different.   For example Socrates, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi; all have left their mark on the world today and for years to come.

Interesting enough each individual has lived their life “on their own terms.”  They did not fit the “norm” of society as we all know in the cultures of today.  I have a saying and it is, “knowledge is power.”  Life is a journey and I intend to use my knowledge to share empowering perspectives that I have learned from the generations of historians of our past centuries.

Perhaps some of you may have felt like you didn’t “fit in”, even as a young child.  This feeling often stretches into adulthood too.  I know this is true for me.    I like to “think outside the box.”  It just seems that if I always do things the same way life become boring.  Some people like the daily grind of “a routine.”  They like to have a sense of control of their time and their day.  In reality they are not in control it is an illusion.  For example, I can take a different way to and from work, or to and from the store and my day seems more exciting.   I love to try new restaurants and new foods.  So, by doing the same things, we cannot expect to get different results, agreed?  So in order to get new results or better result we need to try different approaches, different perspectives, and new beliefs about what is possible. It’s like the more I think differently the better I feel and the better the results.  Of course in the positive aspects of the thoughts we have not the negative thoughts.

What do you think, is this true for you?  If you have any thought feel free to comment below.


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