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Today is a day I rejoice in our lord and heaven father. I ask that my angels and all guardians protect my sisters Son as he is in a battle against the flesh and blood of Christ. God and Evil. Good and Evil. If you don’t already know Ryan tried to OD on drugs as his girlfriend committed suicide about a month ago. I choose to blog this as he needs prayer and the family does too. He flew to a rehab in CO. He wants to DIE. Thank you.

I also finally figured out how to add a link and it can be a pdf. I have so many pdf’s to share that I am so excited to know how to do this. If you need to see I will post all PDF’s probably under that heading on my side bar. I am a knowledge seeker and love to share what I have learned. Sometimes I wonder where I store it all in my head.

If you don’t know I have been working on a website I pay for at http://www.getreadingnow.com
If you do see it suggestions are welcome. It’s crazy I can write forever on this blog and my other blog but when it comes to my website I am clueless.

With all that said I will look forward to comments. Blessings sent to all who read my blog.