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the law of attraction

Image by Brenda Cooper via Flickr

Topic #77: Hidden Secret

Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep.

Secrets are hidden within our minds

No one will know what they are

for I take them to my grave.

I do not reveal any secrets

hidden in my heart.

My secrets are for me and no one will know.

It is a secret of a true love

and this one will go on forever.

It lives in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul.

My secrets will remain hidden as they belong to me

and to me alone.

I do not believe in secrets that should be told.  If I told you my secret it would no longer be my secret.  This topic of hidden secrets is not something for you to know.

Secrets may come

and secrets may go

but all my secrets are for mine to be told.

Someday, in someway, I will write my Secret.

What I do believe in is the Movie and Book called THE SECRET.

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