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The times and trials for people to see the light of God is near.  I am not saying the world is going to end but Your time is coming to an end – where you have to accept God as your personal savior.  You might think I am an extremist or call me crazy but the facts are that our Government is failing all of us. Jobs are scarce, unemployment, housing, food, clothing is going up way up and rising costs are all signs of the money world order which is all controlled by Satan.  You have to bring yourselves to your knees and accept God for all your wrong doings or you will be DOOMED.  The Mark of the Beast is real and Satan is real.  The Beast has been here for years this is our Government.  He is for the people but against GOD.  Satan wants God people and he has about 3/4th of the world because if the world gets real bad the government will feed the multitude!  We cannot have that it’s all wrong!  You have to stay strong and believe in one God.  ONE GOD – The Lord, Jesus Christ!  You will see all this True as the world turns and the days goes by and finances CRASH.


We will survive how about you?